Meet Kevin and Jessica Bush, Lifework Class 2016/17

L2BlogPicKevin and Jessica met online through in July 2011. It was a quick chase by all accounts! They got engaged three months to the day from their first date. Just as Jessica was starting to get used to calling Kevin her fiancé, they got married. Again, this happened exactly three months after they were engaged, on January 21, 2012.
Kevin was introduced to Lifework Leadership by a graduate and fellow church member. After learning about the program, he realized this was exactly what God was pushing him towards for community involvement and spreading the love of Christ. Kevin and Jessica discussed this program and both felt strongly that this was a way for them to grow in their faith, learn a lot from a quality program on leadership, and be intentional in all aspects of their life. Jessica actually said, “How can you turn down an opportunity like this when God provides it?”
Kevin mentioned that God is always doing something significant in their lives. The first four years of marriage were an intensely focused time of personal growth encompassing deep roots of faith in Jesus, a solid understanding of the roles each family member performs, and the development of strong family ties. Their family verse is now Ecclesiastes 4:12, “The one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” After building this foundation for the Bushes, God placed several people and processes in motion to involve them in Celebration Church’s Marketplace Ministries, Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida, call them to lead a small group, and to most recently join Lifework Leadership. It is their firm belief that God is working through them to accomplish His will, and they are very excited to see the fruit that comes from staying attached to the vine!
Unwavering faith in God’s promise to provide and His words in Romans 8:28 are the bedrock on which the Bushes have built their worldview. Their marriage is a lifetime covenant with God, unable to be detached or separated by anyone or anything. The priorities of God and marriage come first and second, well before anything else in their lives. With the additional perspectives learned through Lifework Leadership, their jobs have taken on a new meaning – an understanding of its purpose and role in their lives. Their jobs are the means to the end, the glory of the Creator, Savior, and Redeemer.
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